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Montana CO16 |Office Unit 1368
Montana System CO16
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Product description

This closed storage module is composed of four closed rooms - two drawers and one bigger room with a door. Use a closed module like this to organize and create a calm office athmosphere with clean lines. The module measures height 69.6 cm, ex. castors, width 35.4 cm, and depth 38 cm. It can both be used for private and professional workstations.

The module is mobile and can easily be moved and placed differently. The Office Units are made of 12 mm MDF and is available in Montana's 40 lacquer colours. Contact a Montana retailer for inspiration and guidance in the many possibilities of the Montana Office Units.

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Montana CO16 is an interior design system that lives up to the needs of flexible furniture in the modern office. The modules can be used in the workplace as storage units, or function as room dividers and storage islands in a dynamic office environment.

CO16 allows the user to decorate the workplace with work-related and personal storage systems, office units and caddies around the work station, office recycling bins, sound absorbers and a Hi-Fi solution for the meeting room.

Shelves, drawers, trays, doors, sliding doors – a vast range of accessories make it possible to put together your own personal Montana CO16 units, which express both your own personality and your company profile.

The CO16 system is available in lacquered MDF in 42 colours. See Montana's range of colours and allow yourself to be inspired ...

In combination with Montana's work and meeting tables, lecterns and office chairs, CO16 offers the potential for a total decorating solution in the workplace.