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Monitillo 1980 >
Efrem Bonacina >, Pier Lomascolo >
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Audio devices-Speakers >

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Marble speaker case. Dimensions: 235 x 235 x 235 mm. Senato is a table/ceiling speaker case, designed in marble and metal. Every disc that composes Senato is shaped from a marble slab and hand-finished. Available in the White Carrara, Imperial green marble and brass combination or in the White Carrara, Marquinia Black and black metal combination, Senato is equipped with steel cables and brass elements for the suspension (adjustable up to 200 cm). The decision to combine marble and metal in a speaker structure is not only based on the search for refined design, but also on the material's intrinsic sound refraction and absorption properties, which are enhanced by the workmanship. All these features are at the service of a beauty that can be seen and heard, amplified by the perfection of its sound. Senato is also available in the Bluetooth version. The speakers are not included. Senato provides an ideal environment for the Bowers & Wilkins internal components.

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