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LION LED is a high-efficient LED-multichip-array spotlight for lighting tracks which is defined by the use of modern LED technology and best thermal management. Important attributes of the 15 watt-LED spotlight are the timeless design with its well-shaped heat-sink, the high energy-efficience, UV- and IR-free light as well as the high quality aspheric aluminium reflector with an output of >80%. Lion LED is available in the combinations aluminium anodized / black or white, with LED-multichip in 4200 K oder 3200 K. Lion LED has a very high durability of ~ 50,000 hours and very low maintenance costs.

LED: 15W,25W,35W or 50W
LED light color: 2700K,3000K or 4000K
1x HIT-TC-CE G8,5 35/70W
beam angle LED: 16°, 24°, 28°, 40° oder 48°
HIT-TC-CE Reflectors: 15°, 30° oder 42°
differenr Dichroic filters, Spread lens ans Honey comb louvre
white or black