Product description

Diameter: 200mm
1x TC-TEL 18W
1x TC-TEL 26W
2x TC-TEL 18W
2x TC-TEL 26W

Product variants

Product family


JET is a symbol for a completely new design speech. The innovative recessed lighting series is determined by its core elements soft outlines, organic forms and maximum liberty of configurations. Jet is designed for installation in suspended plasterboard ceilings and upgrades the visual integration of light in architecture. The wide range of types covers JET Typ 1 as a one-, two- or three-flame version of a recessed swivelling downlight [QR111, HIT-TC-CE], JET Typ 2 equipped with a T5 flurescent lamp [also available as dimmable version], JET Typ 3 with 3 x 1,65W LED-strip in warm- or coldwhite. JET Typ 5 designed as downlight with compact flurescent lamp, combined with 1 x 1W LED as well as JET Typ 6 a downlight with compact flurescent lamp.

JET White Dot is a masterpiece of outstanding lighting architecture and creates with its diameters of 350 mm, 450 mm and 650 mm wonderful accents on the ceiling.