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Gliss_Walk-In closet Master
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Product description

Gliss Master, in the sophisticated version without doors, becomes an accessorised walk-in closet that can be set up in linear and corner solutions.
A particularly wide selection of internal accessories is available to design the compartments with personalised solutions to meet specific needs: hanging drawer units, extractable trays, shoe shelves, storage compartments and accessorised drawers with dividers are some of the solutions suggested.

Product family


The Gliss series now boasts Gliss Walk-In, designed by M.D.T., a complete set of walk-in wardrobes that lends itself to linear and angular solutions, suitable for all types of space, thanks to a “tailored” design system. It comes in two versions: the first, more basic, with profiles hooked to the wall, the second, richer, with back panels made of different materials and finishes. Among these, “cartapaglia” the new, easy maintenance melamine finish. All the equipment, which mirrors that of the Gliss wardrobes, can be arranged freely in height, both suspended and on the floor, thanks to a system of patented invisible self-blocking rods. Gliss Walk-In’s simplicity of design, customizable equipment and range of complementary accessories lend themselves to the development of particularly innovative and functional solutions.