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Gliss 5th
Gliss 5th
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System of wardrobes


Gliss 5th, a development of the classic Molteni wardrobe, with a variety of possibilities, now becoming a system of wardrobes. A simple, linear design, hidden technology, a better use of space, a variety of finishings and interior fittings are the key features of this new system. Gliss 5th includes five families: Trim, Stripe, Square, Wave and LG4. Similar design, but different in shapes and handles. Gliss 5th is available with two types of interior fixture: the first “Classic”, redesigns interior spaces according to the latest trends, with a wide choice of drawers, shelves and easy to use accessories. The second, “5th”, allows rapid variations in the organisation of the various elements, according to the changes in storage needs. Thanks to a special supporting back, all the fixtures are independent and easily positionable, without limits regarding height and width. Interior flexibility, in both the “Classic” and the “5th” versions, is guaranteed by the numerous accessories on offer. The compartments can be organised in hundreds of different ways, perfect for every need. Various exterior finishings are available, with matte and gloss lacquer, polyester or the innovative “soft” finish in many different colours; exclusive wood finishes; glass or fabric surfaces; “millerighe”, a new material with an unusual tactile feel available in harmonious colours. The “Classic” and the “5th” versions can be used together, with an even wider range of choice: every compartment of the wardrobe will be arranged with the most logical and rational fittings. The Gliss 5th system becomes a strong presence in the home, not just an anonymous container. Combinations of woods and lacquers highlight the elegant design.

Available finishes
Exterior side: millerighe, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, woods
Doors: millerighe, soft glossy, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer colours, woods, coloured glass, mirror, fabric, leather

Base: Wooden chipboard panel faced with melamine and solid Toulipier wood bases with adjustable feet on the ground. “Classic” cover, central upright and back panel: Wooden chipboard panel faced with melamine. The central uprights are provided with adjustable feet on the ground
“5th” back panel: Modular element obtained through superimposed elements of painted extruded aluminium. Vertical joining profiles of anodised extruded aluminium.
Side panel (melamine): Wooden chipboard panel faced with melamine. Adjustable feet on the ground.
Side panel (colour lacquered): Wooden chipboard panel faced with melamine. Outside painted in the colours of the “Molteni Range”. Adjustable feet on the ground.
Side panel (wood): Wooden chipboard panel with inner melamine facing and outer facing covered with veneer. Adjustable feet in contact with the ground.
Covering profiles and runners: Extruded aluminium coated with melamine paper, with dust seal profiles.