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Architonic ID 20701977
Order number PF_00009PROD
Year of Launch 2019
Kite acoustic panel is inspired by the natural interplay of lights and shadows taking place on a geometric surface made of mycelium materials. By simply rotating each module, the geometry of the panels allows for playful and surprising compositions. Their decorative potential is complemented with the Mogu colours - for a bold, radical and yet unobtrusive design. A sculptural product that makes each wall a great classic, yet innovative. Mogu employ agro and textile industrial waste materials such as cotton and hemp fibers and transform them through proprietary technologies based on mycelium (the vegetative part of fungi) as in a fully circular approach. Mogu Acoustic Panels feature excellent performances particularly in the medium frequencies (250-1000 hz). Their decorative design and functionality makes them a perfect solution to absorb most of speech noise in noisy environments, such as restaurant, lounges and small to large office spaces.
Mogu Acoustic panels feature two main correction mechanisms: sound absorption and diffusion. While the 3D shaped surface breaks up and spreads sound waves, the porous mycelium material transforms them into micro movement and heat, to be absorbed in the fibrous material. Mogu Acoustic products achieve an outstanding fire rating (B-s2-d0), making them a safe choice for all types of private and public environments. Mogu Acoustic materials have been tested for allergenic and VOC Emissions. As test results show, our products are safer than wood and many other industrial materials populating our everyday living environments. Our decorative paint is certified as safe, durable and neutrally contributing to indoor air quality. The range of colours are inspired by the fascinating tones of water, forests and earth and are organized in five colour palette: Green Wood, Blue River, Pink Clay,Brown Grove, Grey Stone. The paint used is a water-based, heavy-metal free bicomponent dispersion with low VOC, with a very low gloss to ensure a matte aesthetics and a soft touch experience. Dimension: 500 x 500 mm.


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Light and sound - two invisible elements of our everyday environments. The Kite panel is inspired by the interplay between light and the candid surface of mycelium materials. The geometric folds create a visual pattern through shadows and highlights, in playful contrasts with the softness of Mogu materials.

Mogu presents its range of Acoustic panels, an unprecedented revolution for the interior design's world. Acoustic modules are made from soft, foam-like mycelium materials and of upcycled textile residues. Thanks to the unique technology, Mogu Acoustic panels represent today the most sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort.
They are 100% circular products, with an extremely virtuous manufacturing cycle, and they are characterised by a unique velvety finishing and a 3D shape.
Mogu Acoustic panels are the first commercially available products of their kind and are designed to maximize the acoustic comfort in noisy spaces such as restaurants, offices and retails with high reverberation time.



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