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The stable and highly convertible shelving of the Z Series provide equal measures of order and perspective, both on the wall and in the room. The unusual z-shaped construction, in combination with powerful colors, ads fun to both private and public spaces.

Dimensions (W x H): 146.7 cm x 213.5 cm and 146.7 cm x 153.5 cm
Color: red-orange

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Convertible and open, durable but not heavy. The Z shelving series, with its unusual construction, provides both a high degree of stability, and exciting views in the rooms. The robust z-shaped construction arises from the direct connection of the shelf legs with the traverses. In this way, an interesting and precisely symmetrical spacial structure is created.

With the Z Series, low sideboards with bookends, high wall shelving with up to seven levels, or even generous storage opportunities around a corner can be realized. With a total of four shelves, free-standing room dividers can also be implemented. The open structure guarantees both division and connection equally.
The Z shelf, made of wear-resistant, powder-coated steel, is available in a variety of colors. Shelving with multiple colors can also be individually constructed. The flexible Z Series is therefore not only suited for the office, living room and storage space, but also for eye-catching retail, agency or studio environs.

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Mareile Morawietz


With its customisable furniture systems and huge range of materials for art and design, Berlin-based specialist Modulor helps architects, designers and hobbyists alike to properly furnish their lives.