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Led Picture Frames
Led Picture Frames
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Interior lighting-Floor lights >
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LIGHTPICS by Modulap is the product line for high-quality backlit picture frames. They offer the look and quality of a classic gallery frame and function as a decent illumination. Put photos, graphics and printable motifs of all kinds in a new light. Due to the luminosity, the pictures appear particularly intense and new facets of the motif appear. With little ambient light, the colors of the pictures are atmospherically spread throughout the room. In the daytime, the illumination creates brilliant motifs in all lighting conditions.
At the front, the frame offers an indentation like a classic shadow gap. The profile is bevelled towards the wall so that the picture always stands out slightly. A specially designed clip system on the back ensures a flexible cable outlet. The cable can always be positioned at the desired location. Exchange motifs with a few simple steps. For optimum results and maximum durability, we print sustainably and odourlessly on high-quality translucent textile using thermal sublimation printing.
With the integrated dimming function, controllable via app, the picture frame becomes a smart picture light. You can control and even program the light according to the situation. Set special accents and create moods depending on the motif and light intensity. Wake up with a sunrise, for example, or create a cosy atmosphere in the evening. You can also link several pictures via the app and thus control the light intensity centrally. Moreover, by integrating the LIGHTPICS into a professional Casambi system you can also control the light dynamically within a larger lighting concept. It also allows to adjust the light temperature. The areas of application range from office lighting and conference rooms to lighting for gastronomy, events and event technology and even living rooms.
The environmentally friendly packaging of Modulap LIGHTPICS is particularly slim. Even large frame formats can be transported safely and easily. Your clients can pick up their LIGHTPICS frame by parcel service and set it up and position it with just a few simple steps.