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A mobile, stackable desk system with integrated elec- tric outlets and task lighting that can also be used as an ad-hoc wall separator offering flexibility and economy of space and making it an ideal solution for offices, home offices, hotels, and countless other environments.

nomado is a compact mobile office with a conveniently flat body design. The worktop can be folded out to form a fully-equipped work place complete with task lighting, electric outlets and storage space. When folded flat again it turns into a mobile, horizontally stackable separator wall that integrates perfectly well into any environ- ment and saves space when not in use.

nomado is equipped with task lighting for optimal work conditions. In addition, the embedded lighting strip emits a restrained glow, which sets a classy and inspiring accent especially in low lighting conditions.

nomado is available in different ver- sions: as an acoustic wall separator without worktops (Nomado-panel); with a worktop at standing height (110 cm); and with a worktop at sitting height. In addition, the versions with sitting-position worktops come in two overall heights (180 cm and 136 cm), with an optional upper shelf in the 180 cm version. All the above versions come in models that open on either one or both sides.

When the worktop is folded out it is securely held in position by struts that slide along the side frames.

All nomado surfaces are covered with a high-end glossy covering (Semosan) and are available in four different colours.
The internal surfaces of the worktops are covered with a pleasant soft touch material.

H: 184cm
W: 110cm
D: 10cm

Base-D: 73cm
Base-W: 64,5cm