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Auditorium chairs in set of three or four seats

Lec offers new possibilities for interior design in lecture halls. In addition to extremely clean and pure lines, design emphasizes designer’s desire for restriction of structural elements. The structure is based on stiff as well as strong and large plywood elements and a limited number of support legs. Lec is available in a set of three or four chairs. In addition to the visual lightness Lec’s ingenious structure offers architects more freedom in planning of e.g. air-conditioning. It facilitates the cleaning, too.
Lec adapts easily to different requirements and interiors, because the plywood structure allows a great variety of finish options. The seat tilts tightly against the backrest, which makes Lec a good option for narrow spaces. The strong plywood backrest allows fixing of writing tablet or cabling of electricity. For example, Lec is at home in educational applications.

Materials and finishing
Frame epoxy coated steel, seat and backrest of plywood. Finish of plywood with face birch veneer or laminate. Armrests of solid aluminium, length 180 mm. Lec is also available without armrests. Tilting seat with counterweight mechanism.
The birch veneer is available in natural lacquer 00, white lacquer 11, white stain opaque 13 and black stain 22. Other wood finishes and alternative face veneers are available on request.
The legs are available epoxy coated in black RAL 9005, white aluminium RAL 9006 or grey aluminium RAL 9007. Other epoxy finishes are available on request.

The chair width linked c/c 550 mm is calculated from the centre of the armrest to the other centre of the armrest. When the seat is folded up the depth is 305 mm without armrests and 315 mm with armrests. The depth with seat down is 625 mm. You get the total width of the row by adding 150 mm on both ends.

Seat upholstered or seat and back upholstered with fabric, leather or C.O.M. There are two back restm upholstery options: one continuous pad for the entire set or individual pads for each seat.

Writing tablet options
1) Floor mounted and fixed writing table (available also a front panel in front of the first row)
2) Foldable writing tablet (fixed or detachable) mounted in the armrest
3) Foldable writing tablet (post box) on independent legs or mounted to the backrest
4) Sliding writing tablet (laptop) on independent legs or mounted to the backrest

Other accessories
- Seat/row numbering
- Acoustic perforation (perforations max. 22 % of the surface)

Due to the size of the plywood plate installation can be executed in groups of 3 – 4 seats depending on the conditions on site and customer’s requirements. A set of 3 – 4 seats requires only two legs. The legs are fixed to the floor with four bolts on each leg.
Lec is delivered assembled, so it is easy and fast to install.

Recommendation without writing tablet 900 mm, with fixed or foldable 300 mm writing tablet 1050 mm.
Information to be sent to Mobel
- Local security requirements (req. fire-proof materials, measurements of the free walking space allowance)
- Layout of the auditorium preferably in dwg form and/or in pdf form
- Floor materials (thickness) and floor declination
- Step height and depth in mm
- Pipes, wires etc. under the floor to be taken into account in installations
- Placement of air conditioning passages (input of the air)