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Naturalness as a principle. A bench inspired by the aesthetics of stored wood, made of massive wooden boards that are firmly fastened with 6 stainless steel screws. Robust block on visually subtle steel legs, almost hovering above the pavement. The bench is completely maintenance free, the wood is without any surface treatment – only impregnated against fungus. The beautiful aging is gradual. The bench is supplied in modules that can be combined into various lines or sets. Particular models can serve for example also as a bike rack or tree protection. Both practical and attractive accessory for the benches with backrest is a durable steel table intended to place a drink, laptop or book. The LED backlight available for whole Woody product range comes to the fore in the evening. Massive wooden boards connected with stainless steel screws, supported by zinc coated steel legs. Backrest is made of one wooden board, the supports of backrest are zinc coated and powder coated.

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Nature as a principle. A bench inspired by the aesthetics of aging timber. Its massive frame consists of wooden panels and is firmly fixed with six stainless steel screws. The main block is situated on optically subtle steel legs, as if it were fluttering above the pavement. The bench is completely maintenance-free.The wood is left without any coating and is only impregnated against pests so it ages naturally and beautifully. The Woody line is supplied in modules. These could be further arranged in various linear or closed formations. Some options take in additional features such as bike stands or tree protection.

Solid wood panels attached by stainless steel screws creating a load-bearing sandwich based on galvanized steel legs. The backrest consists of a single wooden board (panel) on galvanized steel beams.