Product family


RAL is a complete serie of chairs for the contemporary interior environment. With 5 different bases RAL can be used in almost any situation. RAL is short for “Range for Activity and Leisure” and is de- veloped to meet requirements in different areas of use.
The seating angle in RAL is carefully choosen and evaluated to make sure comfort is on the highest level from beginning to end of a seating session.

Upholstered seat/back in standard fabrics or c.o.m. Base in 5 configurations, 4-leg, slides, swivel feet, swivel with 4 wheels and swivel with 5 wheels.
Metal bases/frames in black, white or chrome.
RAL is stackable in 4-leg version or slide version.
Armrest available in black, white or chrome.

H 82cm
W 56cm
D 48cm
S 45cm