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Amanda is a chair you can use for many different purposes. With more than 125.000 different standard configurations there is an almost unlimited use for different projects. Amanda´s seating design created support and comfort to the user. It´s simplicity is elegant and makes it perfect for large number situations. Good stacking capabilities allows Amanda to be used in temporary interiors also.
Chair or armchair, 4 different configurations for the seat/back; fully upholstered, upholstered seat/back on the inside, upholstered seat or plain with no upholstery. Upholstered versions with standard fabric or c.o.m. Wooden details with birch, oak or white laminate. Connection device as add-on. Lifting handle/hole in the back is also an add-on for plain version or version with upholstered seat.

H 85cm
W 46/52cm
D 54cm
S 45cm