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Passepartout Concrete
Passepartout Concrete
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U-shaped elements of fibre cement form the surfaces of our Passepartout Concrete furniture line. This highly-compressed material provides exceptional stability with a material thickness of just 12 mm. There are several advantages to this. Although the furniture looks massive and heavy, it is relatively light. This means that it can be used in structurally tricky areas such as in roof gardens and underground garages. The low weight also presents enormous advantages for the transport and handling of the furniture. Thanks to the slim material thickness, the surface adjusts more quickly to body temperature. In case of damage due to vandalism, individual elements can be replaced easily and cost-effectively. We offer this furniture in three colours. Two colours can be combined in a single piece of furniture. If several pieces of furniture are placed near one another, the result can be an interesting rhythm of the colours. The metal parts are made of hot-galvanised steel. They have a high-quality coating with a slight metallic pattern. Their colour is anthracite, similar to DB 703 metallic or RAL 7024. The individual elements are connected only by screws on the underside of the furniture; therefore, the connections are not visible.