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"Leichtgewicht" - strong in visual appearance yet light of weight.
Furniture is often the last thing to be positioned on construction sites in outside environments. The placement of heavy furniture is particularly problematic in areas that are difficult to access. By utilizing modern fiber concrete in combination with a supporting steel construction, our "Leichtgewicht" of 135 kg, 115 kg or 60 kg is easy to handle and can even be used in statically precarious situations such as roofgardens, underground car parks etc. The low material thickness has the thermal benefit compared to massive concrete and stone elements - the material will not get as cold. The surface of the concrete elements is free of air inclusions and limestone edges, lending it a high-quality appearance. The hollow space in the "Leichtgewicht" can be furnished with lighting.

Fiber Concrete
The casing of the "Leichtgewicht" forms a U-shaped element of highly condensed fiber concrete. The low material thickness consists of a mere 12mm. Classic Portland cement is mixed with ground limestone, dense organic fibers, cellulose and water, then grouted with 30,000t. This material is extremely dimensionally stable, resilient and resistant to atmospheric conditions. It possesses good thermal values and is in accordance with the fire protection classification A2 of ÖNORM EN 13501-1. It is also leak-proof and highly impact-resistant. The surface is sealed with a colorless coating. We offer "Leichtgewicht" in a selection of four colors: "Anthracite, Grey, Sand, Cotto". The material is imbued with color.

It is asbestos-free and does not release any hazardous or polluting substances. It can be disposed of with normal rubble when its' task is completed. Hot-dip galvanized pipes are attached to the elements' undersurface by high-tensile polyurethane adhesive, enabling the connection with the steel side parts.

Steel Side Parts
The side parts are made of steel plates 5mm thick. The welding seams are masked on the inside. The bolted joints to the concrete elements are invisible. All steel elements are hot-dip galvanized and the side parts are additionally covered with a high-quality Teflon coating, offering ideal protection against vandalism and corrosion. Color approx. RAL 7012.