The unusual design of Eiland evokes associations to a winged chair or beach chair. Its closed shape creates a little interior space under the open skies. According to the motto "see but do not be seen" this piece of furniture surrounds its user like a cocoon. It offers a place of retirement and intimacy - a little island in the sea of people. There, where architecture offers no space that protects against the gaze of others, Eiland creates a place of "public privacy". It appears to be a contradiction that its form is also a true eye-catcher. If you place two elements across from one another, there is room for conversations in the fresh air. Therefore, Eiland is especially well-suited for use in courtyards and outdoor areas of public buildings. The surfaces are made of HPL sheets, which are made of 70% cellulose and 30% melamine resins. Their surface is very weather-resistant and UV-stable. They are offered in three colours. The metal parts are made of hot-galvanised steel. They have a high-quality coating with a slight metallic pattern. Their colour is appropriate for the HPL sheets. The individual elements are joined with safety screws. All elements can be replaced individually in case of damage due to vandalism.