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The Morrison system of containers escapes from the idea of mass production and fully echoes the custom-made concept, by adding new elements and finishings and developing a veritable collection, with a myriad of solutions that extend its use to all the rooms of the house. The Morrison base comes in three versions: on the floor, or in heights of cm 12 and 25. The new oak open-pore finish has been added in a Tobacco stained color which goes to join the Moka. The beveled edge running around the perimeter defines the line of the doors and front section of the drawers which, in addition to the leather-lined version, also come in a glossy lacquered finish in Sand, Celadon, Mud, Granite and Moka. There is also a version with all-oak Tobacco doors and a structure in lacquered satin-finish Mud. The Morrison system of containers comes in three versions: with a base resting on the ground with 12-cm lacquered, glossy Pewter-colored wood, or with a base off the ground with Pewter-colored metal frame and legs, in heights of cm 12 and 25. Different styles can be ascribed to the three bases which have also been designed according to their association with the other products in the collection. The bases that do not rest on the ground are more distinctive, while the base that does can also be easily teamed with seats or tables with very patterned legs. The horizontal container with an open section on both ends was designed specifically to be placed in the center of the room. The container in Smoked Gray glass, which can be accessed from both sides, acts as a mobile bar and a display cabinet for precious objects. The different finish used for the sides exudes a touch of originality: the side of the section with doors is in wood, the side of the open section has the same color lacquer as the doors. In the version with leather-lined doors, the side that closes the open section is leather-lined as well. The doors and drawers of Morrison feature a special processing: a panel with beveled edges can be applied on the wood panel where the edge and inside of the door can be seen. This can be lined in leather, lacquered in Sand, Celadon, Mud, Granite and Moka or in all-oak Tobacco for the Morrison version in lacquered, satin-finish Mud.

Frame: mm 20 wood, top assembled at 45° to the sides. Doors and drawers in mm 30 wood. Metal handle, glossy Pewter finish. Drawers with “Blumotion” guides.
Frame finishes:
- open-pore Moka lacquered oak;
- open-pore Tobacco stained oak;
- satin-finish Mud lacquer, available only with open-pore Tobacco stained oak doors.
Door and drawer finishes:
- lined in leather Art. Glove 04 Dark Brown or in leather Art. Nappa 781 Mastice;
- glossy lacquered Sand, Celadon, Mud, Moka and Granite;
- in open-pore stained Tobacco oak;
The inside finish of the body, doors and drawers is the same as the outside. The door and drawer edges have the same finish as the structure apart from the Tobacco stained oak door whose edges always have a Tobacco finish.
For the horizontal containers with an open section on both ends, the side-container matches the door finish.
Internal equipment:
- mm 10 Smoked Grey glass shelves.
The horizontal containers with an open section on both ends, have a structural container in Smoked Grey glass.
Available bases:
Floor base: cm 12 high wood floor base, Pewter color glossy lacquered finish.
Suspended base: mm 30x40 rectangular section metal frame with a matt Pewter lacquered finish and Ø mm 25 conical-section feet, cm 12 or 25 high, glossy Pewter finish.