Product description

Glass cover, hand brushed aluminium, wall box with power supply converter , without dimming
LED ca. 2.700 K, > 85 Ra, > 50.000 hrs.

200x200 mm
2x LED at top & bottom, ca. 13 W, ca. 890 Lumen

Product family


millelumen individual stands for a clear language of shapes in the centres of communication – vast dining or conference tables. Highly functional in its core, with cutting edge LED technology, its appearance is – at buyer’s option – warm and natural, rational and glossy or mirrored and dissolving. Individual panels from real wood or high-value leather, from white, black or mirrored glass, each one crafted by hand, create lighting objects for free spirits reaching for state-of-the-art technology in an appealing design. Utmost functionality and maximum comfort are ensured by light generation through energy efficient LED technology and an innovative sensor control technique.

Available in width of 110 and 150 cm and with approx. 1.280 - 2.150 Lumens. Rise and fall suspension optional.