Product family


A series comprising wall lights, recessed or surface ceiling lights, and floor lamps, the main feature of which are the pure geometric lines of the head, which give it a sleek architectural look.

It incorporates an LED light with a 700-mA constant current driver that offers 10 W and 820 Lumens. It has a colour rendering index of 82 and a warm colour temperature (3,000 K).

In surface models, the driver is built-in, while it is optional in recessed models.

The model designed for assembly on a three-phase track has a 930-mA constant current with 14 W and 930 Lumens. This modification has been applied specifically to this model, as it is considered to have more professional applications and greater luminosity will be required.

The reflector has a 50-degree aperture, this being the most appropriate angle for general decoration and optimal light distribution.

All components have been designed for production using injection-moulded aluminium.

The design included a careful study of the amount of aluminium required to achieve good heat dissipation without affecting the useful life or performance of the LED in any way.

In square-head models, the surface-mounted wall/ceiling lamp (model 6351) incorporates a different system for directing the light beam: the protruding end of the head should be loosened to direct the beam and tightened again once the desired position is found.

The remaining square-head models swivel 330° on their axes and turn 200° laterally. On models with two heads, such as the floor lamp, each head moves independently, although they share the same axis.

In the more formally shaped recessed models (model 6357), movement is through 45 degrees. In the surface-mounted versions of these models, the head moves laterally through 212 degrees around the vertical axis. To do so, it has two screws which should be loosened to direct the head and, once the desired position has been found, tightened once again to maintain it.