Bo-La 6542

Lighting systems from Milán Iluminación, Designed by Jordi Jané

Product description


Uses a led from PARAGONLED company. Is a D.O.B. (Driver On Board ), with two powers: 7 W with a light output of 560 lumens, for the beside wall lights and suspensions and, another one with 11 W with a light output of 845 lumens, for wall-ceiling light and track light. Is dimmable by classical Triac or leading edge system. This led meets the requirements of LM70 norm (which confirms that led keeps, as minimum, a 70 % of its light output at 50.000 working hours ) and, is situated in level 3 of MCADAMS steps ( what implies that chromatic differences can only be seen by really skilled eyes). Heat dissipation sink is injected in aluminium and, has a double body design to provide accommodation in the sphere.

Exterior sphere, double body as well, is produced by injection mold in ABS. White and black finishing are injected directly, while matt golden, nickel or cupper plating are injected in a special ABS that is prepared for post-treatment. Arm that makes articulated axis function is also produced in injected ABS. Optic that, apart from the aesthetic function of closing a perfect sphere has the function of protecting led of external contacts, is produced in Polycarbonate injected. For fixing it, has a bayonet system that allow to dismantle it in case could be necessary for cleaning it.

This series has two different beside wall lights versions: one with an injected base that incorporates its own switch and, another built-in version, in which minimum width has to be of 8 mm and a maximum of 80 mm. In this second version, switch has to be external. Ceiling light is based on triphasic track adaptor. Mono-phase adaptor can be produced as well under request. Suspension has triphasic adaptor as well. Mono-phase track can be produced as well under request.

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Part of the collection CEILING LAMPS.
Manufacturer Milán Iluminación
Family Bo-La
Architonic ID 1356095
Order number 6542
Year of Launch 2015

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