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Pleated blinds

Plissé systems from MHZ Hachtel

Product description

Individually adjustable curtain by moving the operating rails. Extruded aluminum top, middle and bottom rails. Pleated blinds in different qualities, see MHZ collection. Tension cords match the color of the curtain. Lateral, black-coated tension wires lead the pleated curtain parallel to the skylight.
You will find other models, shapes and operating variants in our entire range.


MHZ pleated blind
The essential emphasized in many ways

A pleated blind describes a horizontally folded (=pleated) length of fabric that is attached between two profiles and to tension cords. When closed, the pleated blinds offer you privacy and sun protection as well as a fascinating fold pattern. They let the penetrating light fall gently. When open, the pleated blinds blend in unobtrusively into their surroundings. Custom-made MHZ pleated blinds are suitable for different requirements and situations. Their flexible technology adapts to most window shapes and can be used in any architecture. The pleated blinds skilfully solve privacy and sun protection on skylights and windows in special shapes. With the large variety of colours, shapes and models, the pleated blinds open up a wide scope for your individual design wishes - in the living area, in the kitchen and bathroom as well as in the office and object area.

- Made to measure according to your wishes
-Ideal for special shapes
-Infinitely positionable
-Soft incidence of light
-Versatile use
-Easy operation, electric or manual
-Mounting without drilling and screwing
-Maxi profile and balancing device for systems over 120 cm

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Manufacturer MHZ Hachtel
Family Pleated blinds
Architonic ID 20276291
Order number 11-7220

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