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A puristic, untreated concrete stone for public spaces. A fascinating new surface with velvety structure and smooth shimmer. Monochrome shades, precise contours, no-frills design.
Palladio® puts your ideas into a nutshell.
Very fine natural stone chippings add a slightly glimmer through the homogeneous, highly compressed architectural concrete surface. A wide variety of formats and thicknesses as well as six finely graduated co-ordinated shades of Grey and three elegant shades of Beige allow maximum possibilities in design and combination. The colors can be combined and allow the creation of a play of colors which blends into the surroundings. The unchamfered edges significantly reduce the proportion of the joints and are a big plus for the accessibility. With this product you can design demanding outer surfaces attractively.

First-class, homogenous, high density surface due to a special manufacturing process.
Coloring of the surface predominantly from raw materials of the regional nature-stone range.
six fine-graded shades from Light gey to Anthracite as well as three new, elegant shades of Beige.
The colors can be combined well and allow the creation of a play of colors which blends into the surroundings.
Unchamfered edges. Formed spacers for prevention of cracking at the edges.
Variety of sizes, thickness of the stone possible from 8 to 18 cm.
Very well accessible, low proportion of joints.
Special method of stone hardening by a clima-guided surface processing.
Resistant to frost and de-icing salt.