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Belpasso Secco nuvola matt, nuancierend
Belpasso Secco
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Outdoor flooring-Paving stones >
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The innovative paving with matt surface.
The innovative Belpasso Secco paving system with CleanTop surface has an intensive colour coupled with a special matt effect that lasts for years.
The patented production processes offers two-stage surface protection with the clean factor 100. This creates a texture enhanced and particularly dense surface which offers the benefits of reduced dirt adherence and algae protection.
The beautiful matt effect and exceptional colour of Belpasso Secco sets new, harmonious accents wherever it is used.
Countless patterns and designs can be created in combination with the Belpasso Premio paving system with its brilliant surface.

CleanTop surface with clean factor CF 100, i.e.:
Dirt repellent
Particularly easy to clean compared to paving systems without CleanTop®
Algae and moss inhibiting
No subsequent impregnation necessary
Colour enhanced surface that last for years
Free from efflorescence (with correct processing)
Patented production process
Compaction should take place only using a compactor with special Metten TopSlide apron (available from Metten!). This compactor apron is recommended for professional installation. Any initial scratch marks will disappear through weathering and use.