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The SPACE cover is constructed from a hot galvanised (in accordance with relevant UNI standards) and polyester powder coated modular structure with Ø 152mm, Ø 102mm and Ø 60mm tubular steel supports, reinforced by 10mm steel plates and a cover in 10mm thick honeycomb polycarbonate sheet, supported by a system of pre-zinced 3 and 2.5mm thick steel sheet ribs and counter-ribs and by the Ø 40mm tubular steel front profile. The structure can be single or double-sided and is preferably fixed to the ground through a galvanised steel plate with suitably sized zinced steel anchors (on request), or alternatively with bolts (not supplied). The single-sided structure is supported with a security tension rod in Ø 20mm drawn steel. Rainwater is collected in the 2mm thick shaped gutter profile (positioned at the back of the single-sided structure and in the middle of the double-sided structure) and carried through the channels directly into the supports. The structure is calculated for a snow loading of up to 128 daN/ m2 and for wind speed of up to 90 km/h. Spacing between supports: 3000mm, height: 2400mm, depth: 2750mm (single-sided), 4854mm (double-sided).