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The SLIDE seat is made up of a series of 80x40mm section steel slats which perfectly follow the line made by the two upper shaped profiles, in the same section steel. These profiles are joined by upper and lower beams at 45°. The seat is available as a flat bench, with low backrest or with high backrest, in three lengths: 710mm, 1470mm, 2890mm. The seat is designed so that extra seat modules can be added side-by-side to create long articulated stretches with possible partitions. Starting at ground level and growing in height, the bench, viewed from the side, appears to be anchored only at the front with the seat and backrest as a cantilever. This effect is achieved thanks to the 30x40mm section tubular hot zinced steel structure recessed inside the outer wooden frame and the special “V” shape supports which, at the rear, act as a strut and directs all the stresses to one point. The seat is available in Thermowood ® thermally treated fir or in or double-coated exotic wood: the first coat is a base insulating spray and the second finishing coat is a water-based varnish for outdoor use. Ground fixing is by concreting in the suitable inserts from the tubular structure.