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Efficient heating below – smart design on top. When convectors or finned tubes are fitted in trenches or channels, the right choice of covering is important with respect to the heat distribution, architecture and ease of cleaning.

MEINERTZ rolling grilles can be used to cover convector trenches with a width of from 80 to 500 mm, in lengths of from 400 mm to six metres. The rolling grilles are made of 20 mm transverse, aerodynamically-shaped aluminium extrusions, held together by powerful steel springs and stable aluminium spacer tubes. This means that the grilles can be rolled up when servicing or cleaning is performed in the trenches. Available anodised in natural, brass or black.

MEINERTZ ProLine grilles can be used to cover trenches for convectors or finned tubes when frequent access to the installations is not necessary. The grilles can also be used in buildings where the light expression created by the linear bars can contribute to the room’s architecture. The grilles can also cope with considerable weight loads.
The grilles form part of the MEINERTZ ProLine range of Trench Heaters in various widths for mounting in floor trenches, mainly in front of large window assemblies. The grilles are not water-bearing, but are otherwise identical with the other ProLine convection grilles, and contribute to an overall visual harmony which conceals the underlying installations. The frames can also be used in MEINERTZ ProLine installations in places where heating is not required, but where a consistent design is desired in the room.
The grilles are available in widths as desired, and in straight or curved lengths of up to six metres. The grilles may be equipped with supports, and can also be located in corners or around columns, or in other customised solutions. In stone floors it is recommended that the grilles and frames are fitted using angle sections, while Z profiles should be used for installations in wooden floors. Supplied as standard in the colours RAL 7024 (graphite) or 9007 (aluminium grey), but can be supplied in all RAL colours.

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