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Wave wall system
Wave wall system
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A wall system which incorporates panels, cabinets and shelves to create many different con gurations.
The panel is designed for simple effective installation of shelves and cabinets.
Panels are pre-arranged to house wires, TV sets or other electrical appliances.
The adjustment features make installation easy and compensate for any irregularities in the walls.
The shelves and cabinets with or without shelves are easy to attach to the panels and can bear heavy loads.
Max. capacity per linear meter with distributed load on the shelves or cabinets is:
- 26 kg with a 25 cm deep shelf (25/15 cm)
- 20 kg with a 35 cm deep shelf (35/25 cm)
You can also have closed off compartments, with doors, drawers or large drawer.

Made of MD wood breboards in the following nishes:
• white. A melamine-coated panel with a thick layer of acrylic producing a visual/ touch continuity with the horizontal elements (shelves and cabinets).
• Cement. Clad with stain-resistant cement applied by hand.
The attractive hand- nished application produces panels with a variety of nishes and colour shades which can be combined in one composition.
This feature makes every panel a unique hand-crafted product.

Ground-resting version
Panels in length 90 cm, height 210 cm, with adjustable feet, available in three versions:
• “standard”, designed to house shelves and cabinets into the 5 slots
• “electrified”, designed to house electri ed cabinets into the bottom slots of the panel
• “electrified + TV space” to install electri ed cabinets and with a space to house a TV set.
This panel is also available in the double version in L180cm.

Wall-mounted version
Panels in length 90 cm, and in 3 different heights: 155.6 - 118.8 - 60.8 cm.
Please note: on wall-mounted units and standard panels, electri ed cabinets and TV sets cannot be installed.

The shelves are made of 9 mm thick solid surface white acrylic.
Some shelves come in variable depth (35/25 anD25/15 cm) featuring an elegant sinuous design.
Easy to insert into the panel slots, the shelves are aligned by concealed joints.
- Rectangular shelves, length 90 cm depth 25 cm or 35 cm
- Pro led shelves, length 90 cm with variable deptH35-25 cm
- Pro led shelves, length 90 cm with variable depth 25-15 cm (only for end sides)
- Pro led shelf, length 180 with variable depth 25-35-25 cm
Some of them are available also in the electri ed version; the two shelves (H11.8 cm) have a rear hollow space to let wires in and conceal them.
In the electri ed version a rectangular shelf in L180 D35 is also available.
On the top of the shelf there is an opening for cable access for electrical appliances, if any.

Made of solid surface white acrylic; available in the following versions: with door, two drawers or large drawer:
• Rectangular cabinets L90 H36.8 cm
• Cabinets with pro led shelves L90 D35/25 H36.8 cm; cabinet dimensions L35 D35
• Cabinets with pro led shelves L180 D25/35/25 H36.8 cm; cabinet dimensions L70 P35
Completing the collection is a one-drawer cabinet with pro led shelves L180 D25/35/25 H11.8 cm; drawer dimensions L70 D35.