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Thea, the new modular sofa originates from an interdisciplinary approach towards upholstered furniture, from the collaboration of a product designer – Lina Obregon – with a fashion designer – Carolina Galan – and from a long and deep planning work in search of a female interpretation of shapes and of the balance of guidelines in apparent antithesis: comfortable, cozy – tidy, dynamic – rigorous, lightweight – highly compact.

Thea’s eclecticism lies in the harmonious research of different points of view: frontally orthogonal, sideways tilted and concave on the back. The sofa is highly original and dynamic just because it melts all of these languages: it is a game of projections and shapes that gives its design a unique and recognisable sign.

Womanhood is enhanced by the coating: just like a dress that wraps and drapes volumes, folds perfectly stick to the modules’ shapes.
While conceiving Thea’s coating and relating accessories that enrich and complete it, the designer adopted a tailor-like working method, thus enhancing the dictates of “haute couture”: quality, stylistic research, craftsmanship, respect for the Italian tradition, top quality fabrics. Her style is essential, refined, linear, focusing on shape, with top attention to details as to workmanship and fabrics selection.

Top care for tailoring details, as well as for the dictates of Italian tailoring, by using different seams. Application of bias seaming and contrast edging in three different colours (white, dove grey and dark grey) in order to define angles, curves and shapes.
Six functional accessories complete the collection, designed to express at best the whole system’s versatile and practical nature. Upholstered furniture changes trim without using any mechanism, the wished comfort is achieved quite simply through small gestures.

The new “dynamic accessory” concept meets different needs and uses Moreover it is able to adapt and transform in time. It changes during the various moments of the day, it modifies and updates over the years.

The supporting structure is made of solid wood and plywood with a base equipped with elastic belts and feet. The padding is in variable density polyurethane, while the cover in polyester padding.
The collection’s typical feature is the contrast profile that is present in all of the upholstered modules and accessories; available in the following colours: white, dove grey and dark grey, with free combinations on demand. System’s customisation is ensured by a wide range of fabrics either with neutral or bright colours, either with structured or minimal weft and featuring high quality natural fibres.


Quilt it dresses the backrest, thus changing the upholstery sofa image. Double face, the quilt features a side combined with the sofa’s fabric, while you can choose the other-one in the wide range of linen, silks and wools available. To play with contrasts as well as with tone-on-tone combinations is always possible, thus increasing the already high level of customisation. Quilting is a special feature of this sofa, covering it by half. Another key feature is the contrast profile in the end section. Not removable cover.

Headrest cushion draped, with contrast profile on the side sections. Equipped with shaped padding in polyurethane foam to perfectly fit the sofa’sbbackrest, to allow for a more comfortable position. Available in the fabrics recommended for the sofa. Fully removable cover.

Back cushion goose dawn padding, it reminds the softness of the headrest cushion and the coating draping technique, with detail of contrast profile. Available in the fabrics recommended for the sofa in the new linen, silks and wools available. Fully removable cover.

Square cushion goose dawn padding, a cushion with a simple look, but is sophisticated in the tailoring detail, with contrast profile to enhance its shape. Available in the fabrics recommended for the sofa in the new linen, silks and wools available. Fully removable cover.

Blanket big plaid, inspired by Ancient Greece’s “peplos”. Multitask use: from simple blanket or antimacassar, it can be turned into a headrest as well as into a cushion-holding mantle. Its functional nature is also determined by the fabric choice: warm with wools, fresh with flax. The button’s detail is quite precious: it is coated with the contrast profile’s fabrics, matched with the riveted seaming that outlines boards and slots. Available in the new range of linen and wools.

Aluminium tray varnished in white, matt graphite grey.