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Minima 3.0
Minima 3.0
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Aligning with the historical moment, that requires rigour and simplicity, MDF Italia relies upon Bruno Fattorini & Partners to reinterpret and update Minima, one of the iconic products of MDF collection. Minima, the historical bookcase in aluminium, designed in 1997 and awarded a year later with the Mention of honour at the XVIII Compasso d’Oro ADI has represented in those years a real breakthrough with tradition, both due to the use of aluminium and the ingenious system of compartment closure by means of repositionable backs, sides and doors that have enabled to change the bookcase’s look easily and quickly by creating, moving or eliminating open compartments as well as compartments closed by doors and drawers.

The company’s goal is to make the product relive a second life, relying on Bruno Fattorini & Partners for the original project’s restyling. Minima 3.0 originates from the designer’s reflections: 3 stands for the three key elements that compose the system: shelf, frame, containers. The design has become even more essential: the structural system of both vertical and horizontal elements has been redesigned. The shelf has been reshaped and developed in extruded aluminium in order to ensure a better structural and aesthetic performance. In the present version, shelves can be perfectly juxtaposed, giving back the perception of a single top, thanks to the complete and perfect integration of reduced radius frames. The container system as well has been developed according to the company’s planning philosophy principles, also foreseeing open modules, with doors or flip opening doors and drawers simply resting inside the structure, to be repositioned quite easily. The adopted solution thus enables to vary as you like or as you need the containing situations and to customise the product depending on your taste and living style, playing with colour, different finishes and sizes. The product’s restyling has positively influenced its look, making it more fashionable and adaptable to any end-use: home, office, community, contract. Black or white, lacquered or in wood, essential or multicoloured, linear or monolithic, these are Minima’s many variables, a real modular structure archetype.

Frames and shelves made of extruded aluminium and assembled together by using an invisible joining system, capable of giving the structure stability and a special resistance to loads.
Frame in aluminium, section 1.5x1.5 cm, shelf 1.5 cm thick, available in the nominal lengths (interior light) 60, 90 and 120 cm.
Finishing: matt lacquered in white or graphite grey.

Minima 3.0 is entirely made of 100% recyclable aluminium.
It is available in the ground and hanging variants, always with a 33 cm depth.
Minima 3.0 in the ground version comes in 6 heights: 42,5 cm, 79 cm, 115,5 cm, 152 cm, 188,5 cm and 225 cm.
Minima 3.0 in the hanging version comes in four heights: 38 cm, 74,5 cm, 110 cm and 147,5 cm.
Inner height of compartments is 35 cm.

Elements, made of wood fibreboard (8 mm thick), are available either in the matt lacquered micro-embossed finish in white, orange, blue, mustard yellow, green, dark red or in the natural wood variant, natural grey wood and natural black wood.
Containers can be used in both the ground and hanging versions and placed as a support inside the structure.
Cabinets are available in lengths: 30, 60 90 cm, height 35 cm and depth 33 cm.

Cabinets are divided into the following 5 categories:
• Day units L30 cm
• Day units with partition L30 cm
• Units with flap opening doors L60 and L90 cm
Cabinets with door equipped with upward compass opening, with retractable mechanism with stainless steel cable.
• Units with doors L60 and L90 cm
Cabinets with door equipped with upward compass opening, with multi-position stop mechanism and braking function. This system makes sure the door is kept in any opening position with a silent and soft movement in the closing phase.
• Two-drawer units L60 and L90 cm
Double drawer equipped with push-pull system in the opening phase, with totally removable guides.