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Lofty chaise longue*
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Lofty chaise longue


Lofty is the result of manual work and advanced technology.

Steel version
Guess a sheet metal worker at the very beginning of the automobile industry era together with sophisticated math calculations, laser cuts and then go back to welding machines and steel cleaners. Only by combining these two apparently diverging aspects was it possible to shape Lofty geometrically and make it. Drawings, calculations, models plus hundreds of hours for forming, joining and polishing with the greatest skills. An excellent work, not deprived of “weight“: chair 35 kg, armchair 70 kg, chaise longue 130 kg.
Structure, shell and base of mirror-polished AISI304 stainless steel.
Limited and numbered production (max. 50 pcs. per year)

Upholstered version
Self-supporting structure (of semi-foamed baydur CSP for the armchair; of baydur CSP for the chaise longue) and filling with variable and flexible polyurethane foam. Completely upholstered . With a loose cover in fabric, and a fixed cover in leather. Optional extra covers available. Stand from stainless AISI304 mirrorpolished steel.
Chaise longue version with headrest: Non-adjustable headrest with steel frame covered with variable density polyeter. The headrest fits into the frame by means of a removable coupling device so as to allow to take off the cover of both armchair and backrest.

chair: 51 x 56 x H 74 cm, seat H 44 cm
armchair: 80 x 75 x H 63 cm, seat H 29 cm
chaise longue: 80 x 140 x H 63,5 cm, seat H 26 cm
chaise longue with headrest: 80 x 140 x H 86,5 cm, seat H 26 cm