Product description

Hanging lamp, diffused light, composed with curved modules and white or dark grey colored extruded aluminium sectors. The union of those sectors offer different diameters rings, hanged by stainless steel cables. White opal polycarbonate diffuser. Integrated LED light source. Electronic dimmable Dali driver inside in the ceiling stud.

21003/160/DIM/GR - 21003/160/DIM/BI
Ø 160cm H 8cm
LED 190W
Flux 26.880lm
Kelvin 3000
Class A++

21003/200/DIM/GR - 21003/200/DIM/BI
Ø 200cm H 8cm
LED 230W
Flux 33.600lm
Kelvin 3000
Class A++

21003/300/DIM/GR - 21003/300/DIM/BI
Ø 300cm H 8cm
LED 365W
Flux 53.200lm
Kelvin 3000
Class A++

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