Product description

It is a wall lamp with adjustable directindirect light.
A tubular element rotates on a central pivot and the LEDs placed on the ends are adjustable separately thus creating different effects of light.
One or several horizontal, vertical or slanted graphic signs animate the surface of the wall.
The structure is made of black anodized aluminium, the diffuser is printed with a satinized polycarbonate.
To be connected to a remote power transformer 20W. (code 30811.1 only power supply) or to put inside a wall or false ceiling (code 30811.1 only power supply).

The new model 1410/B has power supply inside of the base.

Length: 41cm
Depth: 18cm
Diameter: 2,5cm
Flux: 1120 lm
Kelvin: 3000°
Class A
Voltage 230V
Electronic power supply

Product family


The system includes various types of luminaires designed to meet specific display needs but also usable by other applications. Underlying the project provide a light source of a minimum size, and can be rotated and applicable on different media, that does not distract from the object with its presence to illuminate and highlight. Hence the choice of black for the body of the apparatus, useful to reduce the impact and visibility especially in low light.

The system was born from a small jointed head and which contains a swivel led light source, inserted inside a tubular profile with a diameter of 2.5 and cm in length cm 20, with base fixed to the wall or on a horizontal plane. The light beam of 2.5 watts has the function of illuminating an object in a timely manner. From this first application, then come the other versions, table, wall, floor composed of several overlapping modules and direction independently of each other, for reading and the latest XL version for a large table with more LEDs.

If Product Design Award 2013