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Circular Pol XXL
Circular Pol XXL
martinelli luce
Emiliana Martinelli
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Product description

Diffused modular device light, composed of 8 curved sectors rotational moulded (cod. 30833 – 30829/L) with polyethylene material connected to eachother by a joint so to form a single circular element or obtain other geometric configurations joining the curved sector (cod. 30833 – 30829/L) with the linear sector (cod. 30832 – 30828/L) or the angolar sector (30854 – 30854/L).

30832/BI linear sector dimmable
2 x 55W 2G11 FL

30828/L/1/BI linear sector dimmable
60W LED 6750 Lumen 3000°K

30833/BI curved sector dimmable
2 x 55W 2G11 FL

30829/L/1/BI curved sector dimmable
60W LED 6750 Lumen 3000°K

30854/BI angolar sector dimmable
2 x 18W 2G11 FL

30854/L/1/BI angolar sector dimmable
20W LED 2250 Lumen 3000°K

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Even in its exceptional dimensions, Circular Pol XXL – a modular, overhead indirect lighting system composed of curved sections that unite to form a single 350-cm ring, or of linear segments for creating straight light pathways – demonstrates an exceptional design vision as a “lightweight” composition ideal for extra-large locales such as department stores, hotels, and central offices. The architecture inhabited by Circular Pol XXL is transformed when curved and linear sections are united to create new geometries of light to match and offset the forms and sizes of the spaces and to valorize the quality of the light, which counts on materials from research, advanced technologies, and low-consumption LED light source systems.

Circular Pol XXL, Martinelli Luce’s contract-market bestseller, won the iF Product Design Award 2014, an acknowledgement of the creative brilliance – in every sense of the word – of Emiliana Martinelli, who is always ready to challenge the market with her presentations of the best in lighting design.