Key facts


Hanging lamp for direct light in turned aluminium and painted externally with different shades of micaceous color, gold inside. Suspended with stell cables, produced in 3 diameters: Ø45, Ø65 and Ø92 cm. Designed by Marc Sadler in 2005 for Martinelli Luce, the surface of the lamp is characterized by circular ribs of different diameters arranged in almost parallel planes to describe a path: the path of man towards the infinite light and truth as opposed to the boring life. Babele has a strong personality, which attracts attention, able to fill the space.

ID040/SD | Height 53cm | ∅ 92cm
ID2040/65/SD | Height 37cm | ∅ 65cm
ID2040/J | Height 26cm | ∅ 45cm

Voltage: 230V