Kuru is a series of chairs intended for public areas such as customer areas, meeting rooms and dining areas.

Martela's Kuru chair, designed by Antti Kotilainen, has been awarded the Fennia Prize 2012 Honorary Mention in recognition of the comprehensive and innovative use of design.

Fennia Prize is an international design competition for firms and companies. Its objective is to support the production of high-standard products and services. The evaluation criteria focused on three core issues; usability, responsibility and business aspects.

The Kuru chair’s soft lines and rhythm conceal a multitude of technical details. The aluminium casting underneath the seat has many functions. It connects the legs and seat section, makes the chair stackable and durable, and a row connection fitting can be integrated into it as well. The aluminium part is made of 100% recycled metal. The trivalent chromium used in the finishing also makes Kuru more environmentally friendly.

The ergonomics of the Kuru chair are excellent, and the cup-shaped seat enables both passive and active sitting. The seat depth is sufficiently long and the front part of the seat section that curves downwards supports but does not press against the user. The legs of the chair stand firmly on the floor – or as the designer Antti Kotilainen himself puts it, “the product does not float; the ground draws the chair down towards it”.

Seat: birch, beech, oak, standard stained alternatives.
Base chrome.
Armrests black plastic.

Alternatives: without upholstery, seat upholstered, one-piece backrest and seat upholstery, fully upholstered.

Accessories: row connection.