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Love Affair
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Art, Photography, Photo print Fuji Crystall DP II, behind acrylic glass 4 mm, mounted on Alu-Dibond panel 3 mm
Glossy, frameless, aluminium suspension rail

sizes: 30×40cm / 45×60cm / 60×80cm / 75×100cm / 90×120cm

Signed by Artist, Photographer, limited Edition of 7 +1

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Love Affair Photo series: Painting with the smartphone

All of the photos in the "Love Affair" series were taken with a smartphone camera and enlarged without any further processing.
The photographs are close-ups and reflections of fluid, poetic moments. It is the desire to discover, as it were an endoscopic journey in which blur and the wiping away of the obvious are used as "painterly," stylistic devices.

"Markus Schaub is an image hunter, a mood scavenger, and a poetry discoverer. His weapons are the smartphone and his eye. Because he sees what others overlook and makes what is invisible to others visible. The result: lucid images and surrealistic scenes that fascinate with a dense, atmospheric tension."
Rolando Baron, art critic

Painting with a smartphone camera: is that even possible? – You bet!

The idea for the "Love Affair" photo project came about in autumn 2017.
In this project, I wanted to use the smartphone camera to find quaint, poetic imagery that contrasts with the usual images taken around the globe by the millions every day with the smartphone and then disseminated on social networks as narcissistic stagings of one's self.

The photographs in the "Love Affair" series thus transform voyeurism into a world of enigmatic intimacy, where the aesthetic composition of images is intentionally used as a stylistic device. As a poetic layer that hides or exaggerates a supposed wide shot, thus lending it its own reality.

Coming from painting, the atmospheric tension in a picture is a central aspect for me. Accordingly, the works make reference to the contexts of art history in many ways.

Each "love affair" interacts in the diptych; the two images condition and give energy to the other, like different scenes in a visual narrative.

I took thousands of pictures over the past three years and these are the ones I've selected.

None of the shots have been subsequently processed; they have been taken directly from the smartphone camera.