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Mood corner composition cm 360x230 in fabric cat. E art. White col. 03.

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Mood is character- ized by the presence of the functions in the armrests and in the backrest of the longchair, which can be adjusted in ve different positions, thus turning them into comfortable poufs. Frame made of solid wood and multi-ply wood with interwoven elastic straps, uphol- stered with polyure- thane foam, covered with dacron. The back cushions are lled with Piuma b, a special hypoallergenic mixture of feathers and siliconised poly bre*. The seat cushions are made of a foam insert with density of 30 Kg/m3, covered with a feather compartments quilt*. Fully removable fabric covers, xed leather and arti cial leather covers. Sofa-bed is not available.

*Maintenance of feather cushions: Cushions lled with feathers tend to change their shape with use. In order to keep their shape it is necessary, even after a short use, to plump up the cushions repeatedly.
Never use carpet beater or vacuum cleaner. We recom- mend to choose foam cushions to those who do not wish to follow these instruc- tions or to have a “used look” sofa.