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size 40x40 - 16"x16" , thickness 8,5mm, white body wall tiles


The Bold series proposes the "colour" theme in a brand new manner by means of 40x80 cm wall tiles especially created for the most modern and refined residential and commercial projects.
The palette includes 4 matt and irresistible colours: the classic White tone is combined with 3 retro-flavour nuances (sage green, deep red and mustard yellow), designed to be installed tone on tone or combined in a lively manner. The finish chosen brings out all the substantial richness of these surfaces, which, caressed by light, come alive with their surprisingly charming and soft reflections.
The satin-effect base tiles are characterised by two boldly three-dimensional structures: with their distinctive patterns and evident reliefs, the elegant linear pattern and the fresh circle pattern are two absolutely innovative solutions.
The decorative assortment confirms the original style of the collection, by offering two size 40x40 geometric mosaics that dialogue perfectly with the structures selected: from the slim satin-effect strips with their clean elegance to the extravagant mosaic with its 3D circles.
The strong point of Bold remains colour in its matt, substantial and versatile sense: the trendy colours chosen can be used both for sophisticated details in neutral settings and as protagonists in more eccentric compositions. Designers can set their creativity free with the base tiles, structures and decorations to create welcoming monochrome spaces, daring chromatic matches or unexpected crossovers of material.