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Product description

Manufakturplus – German handiwork - Made for generations
Hardoy Butterfly Chair - a chair that carries generations.

Frame: steel black I steel white I steel clear coat I brushed stainless steel I chrome-plated steel I hot-dip galvanized steel
Cover: LINEN
Colors: natural
Dimensions chair: approx. 84x74x89x37 cm (WxDxHxSH)
Dimensions footrest: approx. 60x48x47x47 cm
Dimensions stool: approx. 43x43x48x38 cm
Material cover: 100% linen
Material weight: 560 g/m²
Manufactured with leather flaps

Made from pure natural fibers of the flax plant, linen has a long tradition as a multi-functional fabric. Also today the renewable resource is still very popular. For us at MANUFAKTURPLUS the versatile natural product literally imposed itself on us. Especially the specific properties of linen, like its high air permeability for example, are very convincing to us.

Product family


HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR – The timeless allrounder
The HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR from 1938 is one of the most successful seating furniture in the world. Of course it has its constant place in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. According to the initials of the designers Bonet, Ferrari and Kurchan the chair is also called “BKF Chair“ and its organic, classic shape makes it a versatile and popular piece of furniture up until now. Its frame made of bent and firmly welded steel loops give it a sculptural silhouette. Due to its low weight it is easily transportable and even stackable. Whether in the living room, office, lounge or outdoor area – the broad offer of different cover materials proves the creative adaptability of our HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR and completes every interior design concept in no time.

HARDOY and MANUFAKTURPLUS – Real legends deserve best quality
As a result of its great popularity the classic was copied and sold thousands of times in the past 80 years. But to this day the quality of these copies is very poor. This is what motivated us at MANUFAKTURPLUS to recreate the quality the classic deserves. Together with our broad network of breeders and master craftsmen we manufacture the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR in a way that its premium finishing is now in line with the timeless design. A chair – made for generations. Just what the inventors had in mind.

Our special highlight: The HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR made of exclusive organic buffalo leather is unique in the world and can only be purchased at MANUFAKTURPLUS. The leather derives from water buffalos which are raised in Germany and live in herds out in the open almost all year according to organic standards. As defined by the “Cradle-to-Cradle“ principle we complete the value chain together with our breeders and use the leather for the centerpiece of our production: the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR. Of course we do not use unnecessary chemical substances and the premium material is purely vegetable tanned combined with natural colors. This way it remains compostable and can reenter the circle of life after its usage period. In addition to the HARDOY we also produce other products made of organic buffalo leather: for example the chair “Lounger M1“ as well as bags, organizers and shoes.

“We produce the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR with the greatest care and passion for detail, as expected from a real design legend. As our name already states, we rely on high-quality handcraft “Made in Germany“. We are commited to a sustainable management of natural ressources and the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR reflects this responsibilty – from production to sale.“