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Bathrooms without boundaries.

The MAKRO SYSTEMS collection offers the epitome of evolution in the contemporary bathroom; it is a new approach to thinking and designing the bathroom as an architectural theme.
The first concern to see the bathroom as an integrated system, MAKRO merges shape with function, to open up to new unprecedented typological, composition and material solutions which have never been experimented with before.

Launched in 2006, the collection is a comprehensive range of compositions and units from various lines, which all fit together perfectly in terms of technology and shapes. It comprises bathtubs, showers and vanity areas which are all customisable in a broad range of sizes and finishes.

The bathroom hence becomes an island of elegance and dynamic fluidity, an architectural trail that visibly opens out onto its surroundings while retaining the utmost functionality.

The results are unprecedented and surprising. Here is an overview of the various lines, grouped together into composition types.