A strong, light-weight, stackable and comfortable chair - also available as a stool. The strength and the elasticity of the cross laminated seat ring are by way of the construction transferred to the steel legs which get robust and elastic. In designing the laminated wooden back both support of the back and support of the arms have been considered. The chair can be stacked indefinitely and extremely compactly. The seat under side of the upholstered chair is concave so that the stacking quality gets optimum.

Seat ring and back: Moulded, laminated beech or maple - transparent lacquer
Seat surface: Slatted, wooden seat with transparent lacquer or painted black, seat in linoleum or laminate, black PUR-foam seat or upholstered. The upholstered version can be delivered with an easily removable and exchangeable seat.
Frame: Bright chrome or powder coated steel tubes.
Accessories: Trolley.