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mafi Pulse
mafi Pulse
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mafi Pulse combines a sustainable and natural philosophy with modern wood treatments and creative ideas.

Length 450 mm
Width 450 mm
Hight 450 mm
Weight 25 kg
Wood type Oak
Voltage 230 Volt
Plug F - 2 pin EU German
Power Consumption 36 Watt
Scope of Delivery Pulse including connection and plug

The product name ""Pulse"" was inspired by two approaches. The first being that cracks in the wood have a significant similarity to the fluctuations of heart rate monitoring on an ECG scan. The second are the colour variations which act like veins running through the wood - a connection to people.

Wood interacts with people - whether it's through cleaning the air, the feeling during contact, the pleasant smell or the atmospheric balance in rooms. A similar effect on people comes from different lighting conditions and moods. mafi Pulse establishes a symbiosis of these two factors, without losing the natural visible aspects of the wood. The varying lighting elements emphasise the cracks in the wood with different colours and effects and celebrate the wood as a living, homogenous material.

The design of the mafi Pulse was deliberately chosen as a sharp edged cube optic to counteract the rustic image of wood. The cube is a clear, unambiguous geometric shape. This clarity is broken up thanks to the living wood and exudes a feeling of comfort & security. An individual adaptation to each colour scheme is achieved via the remote control which adjusts the colour and light modes. The mafi Pulse is particularly exciting in combination with the matching natural wooden floor.

Handicraft requires precision and devotion. Because of this, urgent orders of large quantities may result in deliver delays.

* Color differences are part of the natural character of the wood and are an evidence of authenticity.