Key facts

Product description

G10 T9 32W
Max 17 x Ø48 cms
(cable max. 150 cms)

Product family


Cooper is a big shade made in aluminium combined with a metal ring that holds a glass diffuser. Inside, it houses a circular fluorescent bulb that emits a very balanced and powerful light thanks to the white reflective paint inside. Through the glass, the light is perceived as a round and blurred halo. Copper is available in several classic combinations, such as black and white with chrome, the original vanilla with black, or the newest grey with chrome. Cooper has three applications: pendant, floor and table.

Material: aluminium (shade) and metal (ring). Satin glass diffuser. Cooper T and F: metal (base and tube).
Finishes: black & chrome; white & chrome; vainilla & black; grey & chrome.
Cooper S: three steel suspension cables.
Cooper T and F: switch on/off.
Diffuse light.