Product family


“A smart mix of Technology and sobriety”

Main features of the line:
. Simple and flexible use with the perfect insertion of multi-purpose equipments
. Modules available in Black or White . 3 sizes of panel: single 85 x 85 mm, double 85 x 156 mm, triple 85 x 228 mm
. Available into horizontal and vertical version
. 11 available coatings

Available mechanisms:
. Unipolar switch
. Bipolar switch
. Two-way switch
. Reverser
. Touch switch
. Push-button
. Touch push-button
. Motorised blinds
. TV, Telephone, Network sockets
. International standards sockets
. Rotary, push-button or touch dimmer
. Thermostat
. Sensor
. Orientation lighting...

LUXONOV offers a tremendous choice of mechanisms for its appliances, the Paris range makes the most of this choice. Other mechanisms than the ones displayed are available on request, appliances for the hospitality industry makes part of special orders... Some mechanisms can become illuminated with additional LED lamps (white, blue or red).
All mechanisms of the range PARIS and SIAM are available in White (when ordering please replace letter N by letter B within the reference code).