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Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells
Color Kinetics Luminous Textile
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Color Kinetics Luminous Textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells is a revolutionary ambient solution to enhance interior spaces with light, texture and dynamic video content. One that’s so versatile you can change it and arrange it to express every mood. Bringing spaces to life, that’s the beauty of Luminous Textile.
Luminous Textile integrates multi-coloured LEDs within textile panels to give you the ultimate creative freedom. Firstly you can choose the size and number of panels as well as how you arrange them.

Then, you have total control of the dynamic video content. Create one huge mood wall as a dramatic backdrop to a room. Follow the rise of a staircase with staggered panels. Or scatter individual panels across a wall and spread the content across them. Anything is possible.
And finally, the panels are finished with beautiful Kvadrat textiles and use the Kvadrat Soft Cells acoustic panels with patented technology to keep the fabric under constant tension within the aluminum frame. With a choice of rich colors and high quality textiles you can be sure that the panels will always look stunning – even when the dynamic video content has been switched off.