Architectural design is about creating spaces, not decorating them. To this end, architects, interior designers and lighting designers use light sources that emphasise their design concepts in a professional way without seeming decorative. With this in mind, the Quadratta pendant light from Lumini combines excellent light quality with minimalist design. Its indirect light distribution means that the main lighting is pleasant even in large rooms. The square aluminium light is hand-made and is suspended by four insulated wires – no other unsightly cabling is required. Just like asuspended ceiling, it floats easily and unobtrusively above the room, providing an entirely undazzling light.

Quadratta / Technical Details:
Type: pendant light for indirect illumination, hand-made
Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm
Drop: 380 mm
Material: powder-coated aluminium
Illuminant: qt-de12 300 W / r7s - 230 V
Designer: Fernando Prado
Colour: white matte