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LIGHTHOUSE, the translucent collection - cutting through the fog of ordinary design materials!

The LIGHTHOUSE collection is named for its gorgeous light-conducting properties. Diffusing rather than reflecting, LIGHTHOUSE is a fantastic light optimizer - the material seems lit from inside, as though containing its own lantern. LIGHTHOUSE patterns are translucent, capturing and broadcasting light from both sides, and allowing the eye to discern pattern right through the material. This creates a lustrous texture of prismatic light and color, reminiscent of stained glass.

While LIGHTHOUSE can be appreciated from any distance, the optical effect that creates the stained-glass look dramatically emerges when observed from at least 10 feet away. LIGHTHOUSE is perfect to use for aesthetic and decorative purposes, but, as it is a very delicate product, it is not recommended for installation in an area where people can have a direct access to the material.

Whether your design is extravagant or restrained, LIGHTHOUSE is suitable for any style, as the collection contains patterns and colors both vivid and muted. LIGHTHOUSE colors and patterns can also be customized, if you have a specific idea in mind. For a brilliant and stunning impact, LIGHTHOUSE can be backlit even though backlighting is not required. However, the material will avail itself of whatever light is at hand - bright or dim - to exquisite effect.

The LIGHTHOUSE collection does not require the use of a diffuser, as the powerful optical effect helps to disguise whatever is behind the panel. The LIGHTHOUSE collection is perfect for a variety of applications, such as light fixtures, diffusers, separator panels, ceilings, back bars, accents - the possibilities are endless!

37" x 48" (940mm x 1220mm) Sheet
37" x 96" (940mm x 2440mm) Sheet
Upon request (any sizes up to 37" x 96" (940mm x 2440mm))
* Please note that the pictured samples are approximately 6" x 6"


1/16" (1.6mm), 1/8" (3.2mm), 3/16" (4.8mm), 1/4" (6.4mm), 3/8" (9.5mm)
Choice of lamination on acrylic or polycarbonate
Manufacturer Lumigraf
Family Alchemy (Lighthouse Collection)
Architonic ID 1209326

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