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Mesh Ø 80cm
Francisco Gomez Paz >
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Interior lighting-Ceiling lights >
Interior lighting-Ceiling lights >

Product description

Material: Steel structure, polycarbonate lenses
Dimensions: Ø 80, h 60 cm, L cable from 100 to 500 cm
Structure finishes: black
Diffuser finishes: white opaline lenses
Light Source: LED 50 or 53W, 2700 K CRI 90
Insulation Class: I

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“I set out to create a lamp by starting with this capacity for spatial separation of LEDs, scattering them to optimize the spread of light, but above all with the aim of giving each of these points of light its own independence. I wanted to make a lamp that lets you control the position and the quantity of light, a flexible object to adapt to space and the needs of the user. To organize the breakdown of the luminous points I used parameters similar to those identified by Fibonacci in nature, like the arrangement of the seeds in a sunflower, the eye-shaped features of a male peacocks plumage, or the complex forms of a head of cabbage. A precise sequence that inspired me for the distribution of the lights in space.”
Francisco Gomez Paz

A suspension lamp offering multiple lighting scenarios for personalized aesthetic and functional performance. Based on experimentation with the potential of LEDs, a technology that permits separation into very small units, Mesh is a dramatic and highly innovative project.

The lightweight, almost transparent structure composed of a network of metal cables with the LED positioned at their intersections conceals the complexity of the product, dematerializing it to leave space only for light, the true protagonist of the lamp. A poetic creation of great impact that makes it possible to generate a refined, evocative atmosphere.

The particular structure of the lamp permits exceptional freedom in the control of its luminance: the intensity can be adjusted, and it is possible to choose which sectors to illuminate – an upper ring, the lower zone, a lateral sector, of just one of the LEDs, reaching maximum light flow of 8000 lumen.

Available in two different sizes, thanks to its versatility and spectacular image it is perfect for both the home and contract markets.