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Waterfront Bollard
Louis Poulsen >
Dan Borgen Hasløv >
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Outdoor lighting-Bollard lights >
Outdoor lighting-Street lights >
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Product description

The fixture emits 100% glare-free downward light. The light distribution is symmetric and soft. The four supports create an comfortable symmetric light pattern at ground level.

Aluminium coloured with textured surface or graphite with textured surface, powder coated.

Enclosure: Injection moulded clear polycarbonate. Housing: Die cast aluminium. Top: Die cast aluminium. Post: Extruded aluminium. Base plate: Die cast aluminium.

In-ground struts: Yes. Terminal block positioning: In fixture head. Looping: Approved, max 5x2,5mm². Driver positioning: In fixture head. Max. installation cable: 1 or 2x5x2,5mm² or depending on installation box. Post f/in-ground installation: Height excluding fixture head: 1195mm, including 600mm below ground. Bollard with base plate for surface mounting: Height excluding fixture head: 595mm. Post diameter 210mm.

Max: 19.27 kg.

Ingress protection IP65. Electric shock protection I w. ground, II w/o ground. IK 10.

Info notes:
The intermediate ring solution is used when the fixture is to be mounted without post directly on a flat surface. The post and intermediate ring are delivered in the same colour as the fixture head. Detailed information about installation and looping possibilities can be found on our Internet page. The fixture is IP65. The bollard pole door is IP44. Post for base plate installation is supplied without anchor bolts. Anchor bolts to be soured locally. The innovation of the LED technology is constant. The specifications mentioned are based on present technology. Please find updated info on products on our website

Specification notes:
Post with base plate only available with Class I.